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From: Donna Lee
Date: 2001-05-01 03:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Snappy

I would suggest that you get some 8 in 1 Premium
Ferret Diet to feed to your Ferret's it is better for
them than the cat food, it has what Ferret's need for
them. I have found that cat food does not have the
correct nutrients that Ferret's need.
--- daniel cahill <fifthkid14@m...> wrote:
> To anyone that can help-
> My 2 year old descented/spayed female ferret Snappy
> has been having mucous stools. They are ocurring
> daily and do not smell like the usual ferret poop,
> they smell much worse. This has been going on for
> about one month now. She is eating, drinking,
> sleeping and playing normally. Her hair and skin
> are healthy appearing. She does not seem to have a
> tummy ache and she does not strain in the litter
> box. She has lost a little weight but does that
> every Spring normally. She eats only Purina Kitten
> Chow and the occasional ferret treat from the pet
> store. She does not stay in a cage and just lives
> where she wants in our apartment, which is
> completely ferret-proofed. We have three other
> ferrets-a one year old male, and two other two year
> old females, all fixed, descented and healthy (no
> mucous for them). The vets around where I live do
> not work regularly with ferrets and I am starting to
> get worried about her.
> Thanks for any help...
> Julie and Danny Cahill<br clear=all><hr>Get your
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