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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-02-27 11:29:00 UTC
Subject: First Report On Baron

I just spoke with our vet regarding Barons necropsy. No
answer yet. The physical part of the necropsy showed simply
that "whatever" it was centralized ONLY in the rectum area...
within a half-inch past the crater, all tissue, organs etc
were totally normal and fine. No tumors, dysfunctions, adrenal
or anything like that. He was perfectly healthy on the inside.
She confirmed that the anal glands were fine and normal and
had nothing to do with this... (there was thoughts of an
impacted/infected anal gland being the cause) She also
confirmed that the system crash which precluded his death was
indeed, most likely the chronic blood loss catching up to him.
The whole anus thing is STILL a mystery. She took tissue
samples to send to a lab to have analyzed... but now plans
have changed slightly. It seems the best bet is it actually is
some sort of cancer/tumor... BUT if it is, it is unlike any
normally seen in ferrets before, and a mystery why it would be
so totally centralized with no other damaged areas.
The wonderful Dr. Williams has graciously offered to do the
analysis due to the unusual nature of this case. Thank You SO
I have given permission that he may use whatever information
he finds for his studies that will become part of the ferret
pathology archives.... and having it on record may someday
help another ferret or at least teach us something new.
May seem silly to some... but the way I am thinking of it....
Baron was incredibly sweet little guy who had a miserable
life. I'll never know how he lived for 5 years in such rotten
conditions and remained such a darling. He also died the most
undignified horrific death I have had to witness.
This way... his life, and his death won't be pointless.