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From: daniel cahill
Date: 2001-05-01 11:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Snappy

The stools are kind of pale, but sometimes almost translucent
there is so much mucous. Never watery and no blood. Thankyou
very much for the advice. Have a good night.
Julie and Danny

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From: Steve Austin
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 9:29 PM

Start with a stool sample to your vet to check for
parasites, infection. Is the color of the stool different,
any blood, or watery stools?
Maybe start a bland diet like Gerber Chicken baby food, or
Science AD. I would see how that goes, and watch for loss
of appetite, vomiting, or other signs of ill health.

My 2 year old descented/spayed female ferret Snappy has been
having mucous stools. They are ocurring daily and do not
smell like the usual ferret poop, they smell much worse.
This has been going on for about one month now. She is
eating, drinking, sleeping and playing normally. Her hair
and skin are healthy appearing. She does not seem to have a
tummy ache and she does not strain in the litter box. She
has lost a little weight but does that every Spring
normally. She eats only Purina Kitten Chow and the
occasional ferret treat from the pet store. She does not
stay in a cage and just lives where she wants in our
apartment, which is completely ferret-proofed. We have
three other ferrets-a one year old male, and two other two
year old females, all fixed, descented and healthy (no
mucous for them). The vets around where I live do not work
regularly with ferrets and I am starting to get worried
about her.

Thanks for any help...

Julie and Danny Cahill

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