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Date: 2001-05-01 16:10:00 UTC
Subject: Lymphosarcoma treatments and scratching

Please help ... I am interested in any and all treatments for
lymphosarcoma, including holistic, chemo, etc. One of my girls has
it, and we are currently trying Essiac and cytoxin. We do not know
if it is working yet. To add to the problem, she recently got very
badly dehydrated from diarrhea (every 5-15 minutes for about 7 hours
straight during the night). The vets didn't know if it was from the
lympho itself, the cytoxin (it was 72 hours after her first dose that
the diarrhea began), or the Essiac (which she had been on for about a
week and a half).

We are beside ourselves. Also, she scratches constantly when awake.
She's on 1/4 tablet of 5 mg pred twice a day, but that isn't
helping. Any suggestions?

Thank you ~