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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-05-02 03:55:00 UTC
Subject: Re: 8 in 1 foods

I would suggest that you get some 8 in 1 Premium
Ferret Diet to feed to your Ferret's it is better for
them than the cat food, it has what Ferret's need for
them. I have found that cat food does not have the
correct nutrients that Ferret's need.
--- daniel cahill <fifthkid14@m...> wrote:

Unfortunately, you have to be careful with the 8 in 1 foods, they sell
different ones and not all are good for the ferrets. The regular 8 in 1
first ingredients are corn , the premium has chicken by product meal,
then the next three ingredients are corn and corn gluten meal, etc. The
best 8 in 1 is the Ultimate ( not the Ultra). The 8 in 1 ultimate seems
o.k.. If you go to the FerretStore web site and click on the foods there
is an ingredient list for each food, then you can compare and make your
decesion if you are going to switch. You will find the TF is one of the
best. Search the archives for Dr. Willard's posts about the proper
nutrition and the breakdown of the ingredients that are necessary. I
personally mix because I can not always get one food at the local store,
or if I can the price is inflated. I don't mind paying more for a good
product, just not a much higher price than it is sold for elsewhere. I do
find a more reasonable price through certain pet food supply places on
the internet.
I was so suprised when I started to check the ingredient list of the
foods and found that many "Ferret" foods were more like rabbit feed then
for ferrets. Some of the products are good, but you have to check the
labels. Same goes with dog, cat or any other food you buy.

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