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From: Rachel Parra
Date: 2001-05-02 07:51:00 UTC
Subject: My very sick ferret

Two weeks ago I adopted a sick ferret. She had no hair on the lower
half of her body and the rest of it is thin and short. Between her legs
was somewhat swollen. She is very lethargic; she hardly moves at all.
All she wants to do is lay in my arms; I named her Snuggles.

Last week, between her legs became VERY swollen, almost down to the
floor! Then, one time I took her to say, "Hi" to Mom and she started to
foam at the mouth, and then started convulsing. I gently put her on the
floor and we watched her slowly stop. We thought she had died, but she
didn't! She was still breathing. I put her in her cage, with some water
and prayed for her health.

My mom says that we can not take her to the vet. That would cost too
much. I tried to find out information about different sicknesses a
ferret might have at the library, but could not find any information.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you,
Marlena (age 9 1/2)
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