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From: Kevin
Date: 2001-05-02 12:31:00 UTC
Subject: Emergency....Dr Williams et al

My poor little Sampson is about ready for the Bridge. I cannot tak
any more of HIS suffering. He has chronic breathing problems and he
is only about 24 weeks old. He has been on meds.....Benadryl and
Amoxil and Batryl...since I got him or about 4 months. He will
improve but fall right back to bad. Our vet will NOT prescribe any
more antibiotics without many more expensive tests....He is now
becomming incontinent and lethargic...stumbling, etc. I just can't
stand it any more......for his sake. I am ready to help him on to
the Bridge unless one of you wonderful vets has any ideas or
suggestions. Please!!!

My private email, if desired is kgolliglee@k...