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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-05-02 11:16:00 UTC
Subject: Woody's last hurrah

unfortunately it's already time for me to post the photos we
discussed over the weekend, dr. williams. i waited until the
last minute when woody could hardly breathe hoping for
remision, but alas...anyway, i did want to take these photos
so i can have a reference for folks to look at when critter is
"lumpy." the line in the photo is his bony rib cage...he had
lost about half his weight over the weekend. you can see the
underarm lump (same one in the xray), as well as his neck
lumps. the neck lumps (several) were actually about the same
size in total (same size on each side), but since there were
so many and his neck was so fully "packed" i couldn't get as
distinct a picture. if you took the underarm lump and broke
it up in to perhaps 20 smaller lumps, then wrapped that around
his neck from ear to ear - then you'd have the general idea.

and now i need some cheering up. doctors, please help
diagnose the strange condition in my ferret ozzie! notice how
incredibly BENT his spine is!!! notice how he makes such
nasty faces as he hollers in pain! ;)~ ozz-man sure cheered
me up by assuming that position when i came home from the vet
with woody. my ozz-man is quite the spunky little devil. he
had both adrenals cryo-ed, an assortment of pancreas tumors
removed - plus doc removed a kidney (was golf ball sized with
a giant "blister" looking thing on one end...he was doing
rather poorly before surgery)! he's about 4 and doing
wonderfully two months post surgery!

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