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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-02 15:17:00 UTC
Subject: important tip, and a request

Just one of those notes that now and then appears from a moderator
when a private post has introduced or re-introduced an issue:

1. If you address a question specifically to an individual it risks
going unanswered. Let's face facts, people such as vets,
geneticists, and other experts have a lot of work to do elsewhere and
sometimes they have to be away for conferences. Plus, they have
lives like all the rest of us do with loving families, homes, jobs,
etc. When you single out one person you risk missing important
information. What will you do if she or he has to be off-line due to
storm, travel, family time, deadlines, or illness?

2. If you are someone who has not answered a query due to it being
addressed to one specific individual, please, know that we long ago
agreed here on the FHL that folks would not feel like their toes had
been stepped upon when others also provide data. Actually, it
sometimes really helps to remove some of the pressure, so it seems to
have a history of being appreciated. The request: that you feel
free when you can help to do so.