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Date: 2001-02-27 12:37:00 UTC
Subject: Re: mink diseases

when I got my one and only mink almost 2 years ago, I started more
indepth research on mink diseases and wanted to make sure I wasn't
putting my ferrets at risk.

I ordered distamink from united and vaccinated Whiskey for
distemper. When I received the vaccine I also received a list of all
the other things that mink have vaccines for; botulism, hemorrhagic
pneumonia, distemper, mink viral enteritis just to name a few.

Mink can get epizootic catarrhal gastroenteritis. Sounds alot like
ferret ece. Reading up on mink viral enteritis, that sounds alot
like ferret ece too. Actually MVE sounds more like ECE than ECG.
Can Dr. Williams (or one of the other experts on the list) clarify
the similarities/differences for us?

Was the vaccine for MVE ever tried on ferrets to see if it would
prevent ECE?

Also, since I was using united for my ADV testing, I was able to test
Whiskey along with my ferrets.