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Date: 2001-05-02 11:24:00 UTC
Subject: re: intestines pushed to the right.

Hi Lynn,
I'll agree with Dr Williams. There is something there
that is pushing the intestines to the right. That something
is most likely a tumor. Fat and fluid look different on X-ray.
There are 2 options with this ferret. 1) Ultrasound the
abdomen to try to find out what is there and do an ultrasound
guided aspirate of the mass. Then send the aspirate/slide
to a pathologist to diagnosis the mass. If the mass is palpable
then your vet may be able to aspirate it without ultrasounding
the abdomen.
2) do an exploratory surgery to remove the mass.
Again send it into a pathologist to diagnosis the mass.
As for feeding him- I would go with A/D or Gerber's baby food.
Low residue cat food is easy to digest, but if he will not eat
it then it is time to go with the A/D that he will eat.
As for what type of tumor it may be-lymphoma is my first
guess, a large left adrenal gland tumor, or even a large
left kidney tumor are also possible (after that just about any
thing is possible).
Hope that helps,
Jerry Murray, DVM