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From: Chris & Dave Mathis, Oregon Ferret Shelter
Date: 2001-05-02 16:50:00 UTC
Subject: Question for the vets

I have a 4 year old albino Marshall Farms male who suddenly
got chronic diaherra. His stools were black and tarry to begin
with so helibactor treatment was started. He is on amoxi,
flagel, and pepto. The stools are a normal color, but the
diaherra is becoming more liquidified and it appears that he
is not absorbing the food. The question I have is, Is it safe
or advisible to give Endasorb with the other medications to
help stop the diaherra? He doesn't appear to be dehydrated.
His stools appear to be very acidic as his skin on his bottom
and legs is being burned off.