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From: Ann Ladendorf
Date: 2001-05-02 13:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Perforated Intestine

Dr. Williams,

The pathology report came back last Wednesday, the doctor called on
Thursday and said that he had to check in all the books he had and found
only one reference to what Buddy had and that it said this condition was
found in a juvenile ferret (my Buddy was 5 1/2 and had both his adrenal
glands removed December 1999). He said that the report indicated that
more than likely it would have happened again because of what they saw
at the cut ends, not the perforation. I asked if he was referring to the
several other areas that we saw which looked like faint rings with small
white dots in them, he said "yes." I asked him to correct me if I was
wrong but my understanding of the digestive system is that is is made to
handle all kinds of things, digested food particles, liquids, as well as
stomach acids etc. but the outside of the organs are not. Is it possible
that these areas were in that condition because of the length of time
the digested food that was forced through the perforation had laid
against the outside of the intestine? He said "yes, that is quite
possible." I have also called the pathology lab and asked if the blocks
were saved and I was told yes. If you would be interested in seeing them
please let me know and I will gladly get them moving in your direction
as soon as possible.

Pathology Report in part (full report in attachements).

Diagnosis: Ulceration/Perforation, marked, regional, subacute to chronic
with attendant proliferative enteritis.

The pathologist made note: Please keep me informed on the progression of
this interesting case.

An addendum report 4/25/01

Remarks: Special stains for the causative agent of proliferative
enteropathy in the ferret were negative.

Please explain exactly what this means if you could.

Again, thanking you in advance for you help and time.


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