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Date: 2001-05-03 03:35:00 UTC
Subject: Re: More on Skin-So-Soft

I've used Skin So Soft on ferrets before, and it gave them some skin
problems. The main ingredient is mineral oil, which is actually not
an oil (it's a petroleum byproduct), and also doesn't contain any
minerals. It's very comedomegenic in people (causes skin breakouts),
which is probably why I did the same in my ferret.

My vet. suggested that I use a "natural" oil (like castor or olive)
on them instead, and skip the Skin So Soft. When I followed her
suggestion, their skin cleared up. She also pointed out that having
an "oil" on their skin (especially mineral oil, since it is
occlusive) would increase their sun and heat sensitivity when they
went outdoors. (It might cause them to become sunburned).

I was using the Skin So Soft to try to solve a dry skin problem two
of mine were having, not for insect repellent purposes. I've put
some citronella and other insect-repelling essential oils on the
outsides of their harness and leash before, and it seemed to help in
keeping the bugs away ...

- Ela