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Date: 2001-05-03 05:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Vaccine Reaction- Long Term Effects?

Hello once again. I do hope no one minds, but I am reposting this
question. There was only one reply (Thanks, Alicia!). I would very
much appreciate other people, especially the vets, relating anything
they have noticed.

Thank you for your patience.

Anastasia Kidd

PS: the vaccine reaction mentioned below occurred at my local vet,
not my ferret vet. This practice does not allow you to be present for
even the simplest of procedures, thus my not knowing if oxygen was
given. I just wanted to clarify in case people thought poorly of my
ferret vet who is pretty well known in NJ. {I no longer go to the
local vet after 5 vaccine reactions (3 ferret, 2 feline) and 2 missed
tumors of considerable size, all in a span of 2 months. Also, they do
no ferret surgeries.}

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., coyote@m... wrote:
> Hello to all. Please bear with a little history before I pose my
> question.
> Of my ferrets, I have one that has twice had life-threatening
> reactions to his distemper vaccine. (For anyone wondering, he
> first to Galaxy-D and then to Fervac-D.) The ferret is a 3.5 year
> male, neutered at 6 months and non-descented. In the latest
> this past year, within 5 minutes of vaccination, the ferret began
> vomitting and having uncontrolled diarrhea, which rapidly became
> bloody diarrhea. His temperature rose considerably and he
> He was given dexamethasone, epinephrine, IV fluids, and I suspect
> some oxygen, although I was not charged for it and so have no
> My question/concern is whether these types of severe reactions can
> cause damage to a ferret's systems (respiratory? cardiac?) and
> whether there have been any reports of (or experience with)
> difficulties arising later in life from this damage?
> As a quick aside, I have this ferret's sister, from the same
> She has never reacted to a vaccine.
> Thank you for your consideration of this question.
> Anastasia Kidd