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From: Tracy Jose
Date: 2001-05-03 08:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Prolapsed Rectum & Coccidia

I took my ferret Pepe' in yesterday and was told she has a
prolapsed rectum. Poor thing, it looks so painful. The vet
did a stool sample and suspects it is from Coccidia. She is
treating Pepe' and all my other 5 fuzzies with (can't remember
the name, it's at home), but I think it was something sulfa
Anyways, there wasn't anything she did for the prolapsed
rectum, she said just to keep it moist with vaseline and treat
her with the meds for 9 days. Is there anything I can do for
Pepe'. Her stools are very small. I have been giving her
Laxastat to help her easily move her stools. But her poor
little bottom is so red and sore looking. Any ideas anyone?
Also, what causes a prolapsed rectum (besides the ferret
pushing too hard when having a bowel movement)? And do you
think it really is from Coccidia? I'm going to have to
research vet wasn't too helpful on how she got
it (if that's what she has) and what it is. Thanks guys! :-)

Tracy J.