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From: Chris & Dave Mathis, Oregon Ferret Shelter
Date: 2001-05-03 11:36:00 UTC
Subject: Teddy's chronic diaherraDr Williams,

Dr Williams,
Ferret does not appear to have ECE symptoms. He is in a cage
of 3 other ferrets and none are sick. I am feeding A/D with
Dyne, rice cereal to thicken stool, and Nupro supplement. I
administered SQ fluids 35cc today as he was getting
dehydrated. You are probably correct about the wetness on the
skin causing scalding effect to the skin. He is constantly
poopie on the behind and legs and requires constant washing. I
am putting Desatin on the scalding. Endasorb is a clay type
substance you can get from Revival that helps to absorb the
yuck out of the stomach and intestine much like KaoPectate. It
usually works well. He seems to be doing better but am taking
him back to the vet this evening for some more advice. The
chronic diaherra is not doing him much good. I am concerned
that it might be IBS or the likes and something is really
irritating the intestines.