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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-02-27 13:24:00 UTC
Subject: Is Lupron neccessary?

Sadly, adrenal surgery, even bilateral surgery, doesn't always provide
relief from the symptoms. I have one of my own right now that fits that
bill. Penny had her left adrenal and 3/4's of her right out about six months
ago. Her rump is still as bald as the day of surgery. If nothing happens
during the coming seasonal coat change, I'll probably start her on Lupron.

Part of Moose's behavior sounds unusual, to say the least. In insulinoma
ferrets, their blood sugar seems to drop with a lot of activity, and perhaps
what's happening is Moose is getting overly excited due to his
aggressiveness and mating behavior, his blood glucose drops and a seizure
results. This is just a guess of course, but the stiffness, clenched jaws
and twitching are not something that is associated with adrenal disease.
Sounds like the classic description of a seizure. The mating behavior is
adrenal related.

I'd get Moose in and get his blood glucose checked for starters. I hate to
ruin your vacation, but I'd be hesitant to leave Moose with a friend if that
friend was not prepared to provide the special care he may need.


From: Debi Rodvelt <drodvelt@h...>

My 4 year old ferret Moose had adrenal surgery approx. 6 weeks ago. The vet
found his right adrenal to be the affected one and performed cryosurgery
rather than remove it. He doesn't believe Lupron is needed after surgery,
but I have read many people have the surgery and then a few doses of Lupron
to regulate the hormones.

Moose has shown no real signs of improvement since his surgery. He is even
getting worse in his aggressiveness and attempts to mate with the others. I
have found him a few times in what I can only describe as a seizure. He is
curled tightly around whomever he is trying to mate with, and when I pull
him off, he can't relax his body. I pry him off and put my finger in his
mouth to get the other ferret away from him, but he can't relax his jaw and
can't uncurl. I have tried to straighten his body out, but nothing works.
It takes several minutes of me petting him and talking to him for him to
relax and become aware of what's going on. Then he will lay on the floor
breathing hard and twitching a little bit. Very frightening! He is the
only one of my 10 to ever have adrenal problems, so I am not sure what to
expect. I thought the surgery would take care of everything. I know it can
be a while for his hair to come back, but is this extreme type of mating
behavior normal?

I am leaving for my first vacation in my life in only two weeks. I will be
away for 4 days, what seems like a lifetime to me. A friend of mine is
house/ferret-sitting for me, but I am afraid to leave Moose with her if this
is a medical problem. She is afraid she won't know how to deal with him if
this happens again, so any help you can offer would really ease the mental
burden this has put on me. I need a second opinion about the neccesity of
Lupron or anything else that could help Moose through this.

Thank you,