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From: Rachel Parra
Date: 2001-05-03 12:15:00 UTC
Subject: My very sick ferret

Hi ferret lovers,
I wrote a few days ago about my very sick ferret that I had adopted. I
wish that I had written sooner. Last night she was suffering so much and
I didn't know what to do. If I had known, I would have put honey-syrup
on her lips and given her baby food chicken to help her stop convulsing
and to feel a little bit better. Then I would have brought her to a
shelter so she could have received treatment, and lived.

The man who I got her from hadn't taken very good care of her. He
probably knew she was sick but didn't take her a vet to be taken care of
and, believe it or not, he had adopted her from a shelter who takes care
of abused animals. That's outrageous!

Thank you for all the help, encouragement, and guidance that many of you
gave to me. I learned a lot. This information will be useful if I get
another ferret. I might want to be a foster mother to many girl and boy
ferrets. I'd like to have one hundred ferrets at one time, but, that
would be a lot of work!

A ferret friend,
Marlena (age 9-1/2)
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