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From: Sidsel L. Espersen
Date: 2001-05-03 17:39:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Re: Food for Sick Ferret

As for the Eukanuba Vet. Diet:

One of my boys was diagnosed with some sorta virus in his
stomach, no body could tell me what but he went kinda sluggish
and didn't care to eat.
X-rays were taken, nothing to be seen, a stool sample was
tested - all in all, a lot of stuff was done to the poor guy,
but no body could tell me what it was.
They treated it as an upset stomach I think and he was feed
Eukanuba's "Intestinal" grinded and mixed with water as to
make a soup, this he ate for 2 weeks.

After Tyson's partial obstruction and the surgery he had he
ate a mix of Hill's I/D (I think) and A/D I would switch them
during the day.

Hopes this helps in any way....

- Sidsel