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Date: 2001-05-04 00:52:00 UTC
Subject: Can you tell if the prostate is enlarged?

Hello everyone!

I have had 3 female ferrets with adrenal disease and now my male
(haggis) has what looks like to be the beginning of adrenal.

I know the importance of getting the surgery ASAP for a male ferret
due to
the possibility of the prostate enlarging which can cause a urinary

I have watched him for the past few weeks and his behavior hasn't
much but I do notice him peeing more often.
I travel about 4-5 hours to get the surgery done so I worry about
going all
the way down there and have the vet tell me to go home, I am over

Are enlarged prostates able to be palpated? Should I take him to the
I am extremely worried about a blockage but by looking at him, my
local vet
woudln't say "yes, he has adrenal". They would just tell me to watch
him and
I would be in the same situation I am in now.

Thanks for any help you can give me!