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Date: 2001-05-04 05:48:00 UTC
Subject: Zithromax

I was cleaning out emails and stumbled on this. Thought it might be of help
to others out there.:

I found the Zithromax dosage, and since no one else
seemed to have one I thought I would post it. First of all, where it came
from- several years ago I had a ferret with a Mycobacterium avian infection
which is VERY unusual, to make a long story as short as possible, I was put
touch with a Dr.Maslowe who is at Veteran's Hospital in BOston. He is an MD
infectious disease specialist, but also assists with these diseases in
animals. For example, he had recently helped a zoo that had an elephant with
Mycobacterium infection. Anyway, he put Rhett on a combination of three
antibiotics (he lived for another 9 months), one of which was Zithromax. The
dosage was 10 mg/kl once a day. The once a day dosage, and tiny amount that
need to be given made this an easy drug to admininster. It is a 3rd
(4th?)gneration cephalasporin. Hope this helps somebody!No I am NOT a vet,
talk to yours.