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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-05-04 04:34:00 UTC
Subject: Re: heat source after surgery

You wrote:

> I was wondering what the vets out there use as heat sources for
> ferrets immediately after surgery.
> My ferret had surgery and was put on a standard 'human' heating pad.
> He was severely burned and ended up having to have a second surgery
> to reconstruct the deeply burned holes in his skin. It was
> absolutley awful and he behaved so well through the whole ordeal.
> There's no doubt in my mind that a human with the same degree of
> burning on the same percentage of their body would have been
> complaining with agony. It also crossed my mind that he could have
> suffered heat exhaustion while on the pad. (The pad was on the low
> setting).
> Is there a better alternative to a standard heating pad? Or should
> the pad be cycled on/off? Any input would be appreciated.

I do use human heating pads post-operatively, but we check the
ferret and take a temperature reading every fifteen minutes, so we
can remove the healting pads ASAP. I prefer little water beds - you
use the plastic bags that wine or distilled water come in (inside
dispensing boxes) filled with hot tap water and covered with a towel.
This prevents any burns (I 've been burned myself with a heating
pad, I don't trust them without very strict supervision).

-Dr. Karen
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