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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-04 10:15:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Food for Sick Ferret

I have to continue this discussion. If a can of
wet food lists the protein level at 8.5% (A/D) but
that's not accurate because of the water content,
how do you calculate the actual protein level?
Wouldn't the protein level be less per serving
(than dry food) if it's watered down?? And, isn't
this deceptive labeling????

Here's where I have a problem with this. Hill's
K/D (dry) is for kidney problems and is low in
protein. Canned wet K/D is 7.5% protein, about
the same as A/D. If this calculates to a much
higher protein level when you factor the water in,
how does it compare to the dry? The dry is 24%
crude protein. So, isn't it feasible that the wet
starts at 24% but ends up at 7.5% when the water
is factored in?? I don't have a can to look at
the water content. Just picked one up at the
vet's office today to see what the protein level
is. I did remember that it was close to A/D when
I was adjusting my soup recipe.

I realize that I'm talking in circles but I really
don't fully understand this. Myabe Dr. Willard
can chime in.