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From: Susan D.
Date: 2001-05-04 11:12:00 UTC
Subject: Results of Arthur's necropsy

<<Please let me know what your vet's report finds out.

I posted last week about Arthur, who I found bleeding a very thick tar-like
blood from his rear end. He passed away the next day. My vet did a
necropsy and could not determine what killed him. She has asked if I would
contact Dr. Williams so she can ship some samples to him to see if he can
help her figure out why Arthur died (Dr. Williams - I emailed you to both
your email addresses.)

The results she gave me are:
*left adrenal enlarged 3 to 4 times
*couldn't find right adrenal at all
*giant hairball in stomach (this was the original lumpiness she felt during
his physical exam - she doesn't believe this had anything to do with his
death, causing him to bleed like that)
*liver was yellow - she sees this in fatty liver disease in cats
lungs looked and felt like jelly; they were covered in jelly - maybe
pulmonary adema or severe pneumonia? She said he didn't have any of the
other signs of pneumonia.
*spleen, heart muscle, intestinal tract, and muscles were all pale
*no enlarged lymph nodes were in the intestinal tracts
*lymph nodes in the groin and knees areas were enlarged

Any other opinions/ideas are welcome.

Thank you

Susan D. in KY
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