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From: Psalm 366
Date: 2001-05-04 13:45:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Ear Problems!

I have been a Ivomec fan for years! Wonder stuff and face it....ferrets
don't care to have their ears messed with and this med. gets the job done
quicker then other you don't have to use it as often... Use as
subscribed though...don't want to over due it!
>I was told by my vet that when my one ferret, Tango, came back from adrenal
>surgery that he had earmites and that I would have to treat all my other
>five fuzzies. My vet prescribed Doramectin to put drops in their ears once
>a week. Well, there are two out of my six that after using the drops for 3
>weeks like I was told, i've noticed that they have severly crusted,
>brownish, reddish wax/crud in them.
>Is this because they still have the earmites or is it residue left over?
>I've been swabbing the ears every other day with ear cleaner. The other
>four fuzzie's ears look fine. I've never heard of using Doramectin for
>earmites before...can anyone shed some light on this?
>Tracy J.
>Tango, Chico, Roo, Pepe, Spunky & Leah

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