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Date: 2001-05-04 16:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re Earliest Symptoms of Adrenal Disease

Rusty had adrenal surgery last year with no hair loss. Aggressive
grooming of everyone else's ears was a big signal to me that something
wasn't right as he had always been the "flower child" of the group.
However, I also noted he was less active, was very itchy, and was
making very frequent trips to the litter box as his prostate gland
began to enlarge. Based on the above symptoms, my vet was fairly
certain it was adrenal disease.

I have had 2 ferrets with adrenal disease and I noticed that their fur
feels different. I don't know the history of either of them as Rusty
was found wandering and Cleo was passed around a few times before she
came to me. When Cleo first got here a year ago, I just knew she was
adrenal because of the feel of her fur, although she had no other
symptoms. The vet wanted to wait on her to see if other symptoms
developed. She had her surgery 2 weeks ago when she began to lose
hair up her spine.

Has anyone else noticed the different feeling of adrenal ferrets' fur?