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Date: 2001-05-04 16:53:00 UTC
Subject: costridium spores(sp?)

Could someome please give me info on clostridium? Does one ferret pass it easily to another? How is it passed? I make sure to change the litter box daily while they have diarrhea. Weasel's fecal showed the spores last week and was put on flagyl for 2 weeks. Rascal & R.J. was put on it yesterday. I talked to my vet on the phone and since we have been through this before, called in a script for them. They all seem to be doing better. This happens about once a year, for the last few years. Should they all be treated if only one has symptoms? Or wait like I did until the other 2 got diarrhea before treating? Is it odd that my cat had it the last 2 times the ferrets did?(not this tim yet) They don't use the same litter box. Or am I way off and it's caused by something else? I'm not good at this computer stuff and didn't find anything in the archives.
My vet is very good and I trust her judgement. She has done right adrenal surgery on weasel and has given her 2 lupron shots now. Had her left removed year earler. Almost died with right, reason for not wanting to do another surgery. I just wanted to get other great ferret peoples opinions. Weasel loves her and ran to her when she heard her voice when we went in. Thanks for any information Eileen