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From: RRC
Date: 2001-05-04 20:19:00 UTC
Subject: Bob C: Catching Up

Sorry if anyone has asked questions that I have yet to answer. I'm in
the middle of two projects; trying to get a paper out that needs review
(which is taking MUCH longer than expected) and trying to finish a
remodeling job on my basement that has put all my books and files in
boxes under plastic (I'm installing a new digital darkroom, permanent
photo corner [track lights, backdrop, etc.], AND new laboratory tables
for my bone lab). Sadly, I haven't read many FHLs lately, and it if
wasn't for a few people forwarding my sort of questions, I would have
little idea of what was going on (I did hear about a wonderful genetics
post I'll make sure to read!). So I am a little backed up on getting
those teeth pictures posted, as well as the domestication and Star Gene
posts. I WILL get to them, but I have to get that paper out first, AND I
have to finish the basement because the ferrets want back in and I'm
tired of stepping over the mansonite barrier. It could be lower except
for that blasted Sorci who can leap tall barriers in a single bound. I
got short legs, ok? I'm already talking soprano.

Bob C