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From: Shelley Knudsen
Date: 2001-05-05 05:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Food for Sick Ferret


I'm sure Dr. Willard can answer this much better, but I am
looking at Hill's Guide to Nutrition, which breaks down all of
their foods in detail. According to this book, the label
guarantees are either maximums or minimums. It says the
average protein percent of canned A/D is 10.5%, and the
average protein percent of feline K/D is 8.4%. It doesn't say
exactly what the water percentage is, but I have noticed that
A/D is much more watery than most canned foods. The book also
gives a translation to dry matter for the canned foods. In
the case of A/D, it translates to 45.7% protein, and in the
case of K/D it translates to 29.5% protein. I don't
completely understand how it translates (even though I had a
class over this), but I'm sure Dr. Willard can explain it.
Hope this helps somewhat.

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