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Date: 2001-05-05 03:21:00 UTC
Subject: For Dr. Burgess, Dr. Murray & other vets re: interpretation
of test results

In a message dated 5/5/01 12:02:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Also realize that a general blood profile should be run prior to
adrenal surgery, both to determine anesthetic safety and also
over half of my adrenal cases have other significant disease such
insulinomas or inflammatory bowl disease. Key tests to run
glucose (fasting for 4 hours prior), ALT, GGT, Lipase, Globulin,
Albumin and CBC. These can detect a lot of previously unsuspected

disease if one knows how to interpret them.>

I found the above post extremely interesting. As Dr. Murray knows,
I have
ferrets with Aleutian Disease. I took in 3 new ADV positive ferrets
in the
last year and recently had blood tests done on 2 of them. I also
had a new
test done on White Russian. Below are the abnormal results. Some
of them I
understand, but not all of them. Can you help?

#1 #2


TP 6.8 8.6

Glob 4.2 5.9

GGT 17 12

Lymphocytes 50% WBC

54% WBC
Gluc 98 98

Alb 2.6 2.7

Eosinophil High

White Russian was found to have a moderate amount of fluid in his
cavity. We've started him on Lasix. He has to have surgery in 2
weeks to
remove an infected tooth. I have spoken with Dr. Williams and am
aware of
the additional "dangers" with Russian's surgery. Since then, I've
heard that
Vitamin K injections might help prevent potential clotting problems.
Is this
something I should have done? I was astonished to find that Russian
significant periodontal disease as I've had his teeth scraped twice
a year.
Fox's book says it can be caused by immunosuppression, which I've
Aleutian disease can do with regard to other diseases. Would this
that Russian's Aleutian disease is causing this? I haven't heard of
other cases of periodontal disease in ferrets with Aleutian disease.
Does it
suggest anything about the progression of the disease? Also,
ferrets #1 and
#2 did not have elevated GGT 6 months ago, nor did they have 50% &
lymphocytes. I tested ferret #2's blood because I found high levels
bilirubin in his urine using test strips, as well as moderate
amounts of
protein. Ferret #2's TP and glob were quite a bit lower 6 months
ago, also,
although they did indicate possible Aleutian disease even then (7.4
and 4.5,
respectively). Also, 6 months ago, ferret #2 had a high monocyte
count (of

Thank you.

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