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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-05 14:50:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Re: Adrenal Tumor Study

>I have a dilemma. I have had at least 4 cases in the last 6 months of
>adrenal tumors in ferrets that have been read out at biopsy as a different
>type of cancer than is normally seen in ferret adrenal glands. The pathology
>service at our hospital would like to do special staining techniques on these
>tumors so we can study them more and potentially understand more about ferret
>adrenal disease. Here is the dilemma,
>the staining is only done at Davis, CA and they charge a fee for each
>sample. The hospital does not currently have any research funds set aside
>for ferret tumor studies, mostly because we spent a large amount on a Lupron
>study, 3 years ago.
>So, does anyone know of a source for funding for ferret research?
>We are looking for about $ 500. This study would not involve harming any
>ferrets in any way. We are simply looking for money to send some biopsy
>samples to a special lab in California for special staining techniques.
>Thanks for your time. and happy ferreting !!! :)
>Benjamin A. Otten, DVM
>Avian & Exotic Pet Medicine
>The Animal Medical Center
>510 East 62nd St NY, NY 10021
>(212) 329-8714

I can't recall the submission date for proposals, but this seems like
it might be something of interest for the ferret fund at the Morris
Animal Foundation. Requests for such information can go to: 45
Inverness Dr. East, Englewood, CO 80112-5480, 1-303-790-2345.

(Now I am feeling guilty because we usually give to several places
for veterinary research but have recently been a bit tighter with
budget due to some family concerns.)