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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-05 23:05:00 UTC
Subject: Offending Vets

I'm always very careful when I pass on information
to my vets that I've obtained from this List or
elsewhere. It can get a little touchy when we're
discussing an immediate condition. "I know we're
doing this, but Dr. XX on my ferret health list
said.....". It's hard to know just how to say it
so no one is offended. I try to approach it as an
alternative, not that my Doc is wrong. He is
usually willing to listen. And, in his defense,
he is usually not wrong. I'm just suggesting some
additional treatment or tests. I am NEVER
agressive and I NEVER go in with a "you're wrong"

I have always taken general ferret medical
information to them and they have always welcomed
the information. I think that, over the years
I've owned ferrets, my vets have become quite
adept in treating them. We have all learned
together. There are only two practices in
Tallahassee that I consider to be ferret
specialists. Mine is one of them. I have become
much more of a participant in my ferrets'
treatments. I attend all of their surgeries now
and stay with them through tests. I have learned
a lot and my vets are willing to answer all of my
questions (with great patience, I might add <g>).
I think this has created a working relationship
which makes them more open to my input. They know
that I research stuff and don't come to them with
"off the wall" suggestions. One of my vets always
says "mama knows best" and he has always listened
to my diagnosis when I take one in. I have been
wrong but I've also been right. This tells them
that I know what I'm doing and causes them to
respect me (and my input) as well.

A while back, I insisted that Doc consult with Dr.
Kemmerer on Champ's illness (my vets have
consulted with her a number of times). I could
tell that he took great delight to come back and
tell me that he had done everything she suggested
<g>. We both got a laugh out of that.

I try to be diplomatic but firm. I usually say "I
know you know what you're doing but how about
this?" They're normally pretty receptive or will
give me a reason as to why they don't think it
will work.

BTW, with this talk of not stepping on egos (well
earned, I must say) a little bragging is in nephew, Brian, and his wife, Erica,
are both graduating from medical school next
Friday (Univ of S. Florida in Tampa). They will
begin their residencies at Shands Hospital in
Gainesville, FL in July. Erica is graduating at
the top of the class. Brian has a bit of that
doctor ego in him <g> but Erica doesn't (or at
least she hides it well if she does).