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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-05-06 01:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Offending Vets

I frequently print out information for the 3 vets in town who
see lot's of ferrets, are good with ferrets AND are open to
learning from a "layman".
Some of the things I made sure of when offering/asking were
that I made sure they understood that *I* knew the difference
between pulling down and believing anything and everything
found on any site and presenting them with information ONLY
from sources such as the American Ferret Association site, Dr.
Williams site etc... in other words, crediable sources.
Anything else that comes up I want to discuss with them, I
make clear it is "just" theories. observations etc of several
rescuers/breeders/whoever and I'd just like their thoughts on
I had even printed out the creditentials and background listed
on the sites OF people such as Dr. Williams and Dr. Willard,
so they would get a feel of who these vets were I was
listening to.
Another point was the issue of not offending or making it
sould like they are "bad" vets. I made sure to tell them that
I respected their knowledge and reputation and that I
understand how, as a vet, it is difficult to have the extra
time and/or resources to keep on top of all the latest medical
information.... especially with something like ferrets since
there is so much being learned quickly right now.
As a Christmas gift to one of our primary vets, I got them a
subscription to Ferrets magazine and several in the staff have
told me they all pass it around reading the wonderful medical
and care articles before it goes to the lobby.