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From: Lara Carver
Date: 2001-05-06 06:58:00 UTC

A question has come up regarding my ferret Snickers. How young is
the earliest a ferret should be vaccinated for rabies? When I bought
Snickers, I was told she was 8 weeks old. The health certificate
that came with her said she had been vaccinated 2 weeks prior for
rabies(It is required prior to sale in SC). She was revaccinated at
16 weeks by my vet becuase her first one had been done to early( 6
weeks) and she reacted to the vaccine. Also, when I got Snickers,
her teeth were barely through and her canines were so little they
barely had points, she was VERY tiny. Could she have been younger
than 8 weeks(even though I'm told this is not standard practice and
doesn't happen).

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