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Date: 2001-02-27 12:44:00 UTC
Subject: Help Adrenal Tumor or Ovarian Remnent

Hi Everyone,
I tried to post this last night and failed. Hope this one works. I
excited about this new list. I have a female ferret, Ellie. She is
3yrs. She had surgery about 6wks ago to remove her left adrenal.
The vet
said the tumor was hypertrophy. She has not eaten kibble since.
She has no
real interest in food, but will eat duck soup with a little
(her reg. food mixed with chicken BF). She gained a lot of weight
the first
two weeks after surgery. She was 1.8, now 2.4. I feed her slightly
than 90ccs. per day is that too much? I only feed her three times
per day
due to my work schedule. She does not have an ulcer, she is not
In the past two weeks her vulva has become swollen. She did not
have this
symptom previously. We have two separate vets, but they don't know
of the
swollen vulva yet. They are fabulous people, but are not the most
knowledgeable. The not eating kibble was odd to me, but know the
vulva? They did the surgery based on alopecia and an ultrasound.
Could it
also be a remnant? I don't want to put her through another surgery!
really need some advice.