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Date: 2001-05-06 08:13:00 UTC
Subject: Re:Propecia/Proscar

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> Hopefully this time it will actually make to the list.
> More info on Propecia and Proscar.
> They both contain finasteride. Propecia has 1mg and Proscar
> has 5 mg. The same thing just different amounts of finasteride.
> Why does a prostate become enlarged?
> In the prostate testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone
> (DHT). DHT is the major androgen of the prostate. DHT is the key
> hormone stimulating the enlarged of the prostate. Estradiol,
> and other growth factors are also involved, but DHT is the key one.
> Propecia/Proscar blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone into
> that bad DHT. This lowers the DHT level in the serum and in the
> which causes the prostate to decrease in size. DHT also effects the
> and causes hair lose (male pattern baldness). That is why Propecia
> is marketed for hair loss in humans, while Proscar is marketed for
> prostatic enlargement (BPH) in humans.
> There is a good article about using Propecia/Proscar in dogs for
> prostatic enlargement in the April 15, 2001, issue of JAVMA.
> Again I recommend using it with Lupron. Lupron to control the
> adrenal gland hormones, and Propecia to control DHT and the prostate
> in those cases with prostatic enlargement.
> I hope that answers your questions,
> Jerry Murray, DVM

yes - thank you! i figured you had to be recommending it for some
reason other than ferret pattern baldness hahaha

i have a critter now who i don't think is going to regrow his hair
post adrenal surgery. the surgery went very well (cryo) but he was
bald for over a year with his former owner...i seem to recall reading
that the estrogen in the folicies building up can destroy the
follicle after a time? so handsome will stay handsome and only
somewhat-fuzzy and we won't mind his bald self a bit ha!