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From: Lisa Andersen
Date: 2001-05-06 11:07:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] FLEAS

Hi Rose, Figit & Sassy

I am not a doctor so you will need to perhaps ask your vet about the advise
that I am about to give.

When I bought my little ferret 'Ernie' he was riddled with fleas, on the
body in the ears & eys it was horrible to watch these little creatures
running covering my little 'Ernie's' body. I also have dogs and have used
'front line' to rid their fleas, so I placed rubber gloves on and sprayed
the slightest dose on my hands and rubbed it over 'Ernie's' body, then
bathed him and they all dropped off. I have never had a problem or had to
reapply again.

Good luck, but as I said get medical advise before applying.

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Sent: Sunday, 6 May 2001 6:30 PM

I live in the South and the fleas are really bad here. I have a time with
them getting on my ferrets.Can anyone tell me a sure-fire way to rid them of
these pests.....I feel so sorry for them when I see them scratching. I have
tried flea shampoo for cats, as suggested by the vet...but it does not
work...I bought some Hartz One Spot,for cats and kittens,to try on them, but
the girl at the vet says Hartz is toxic. So I did not use it. I looked for
Advantage for kittens but could not find any.Can someone please help me
solve this delimma.Thank you,Rose, Figit and Sassy

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