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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-05-06 13:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Fleas

I highly recommend Advantage (or Frontline). It works wonders and you
should be able to get it at your vet. If your vet doesn't carry it for some
strange reason, call around to some of the other vet clinics in town. I'm
sure you can find it at one of them. It's not sold in regular stores.


> From: lone-rose@w... [mailto:lone-rose@w...]

> I live in the South and the fleas are really bad here. I have a time with
> them getting on my ferrets.Can anyone tell me a sure-fire way to
> rid them of
> these pests.....I feel so sorry for them when I see them
> scratching. I have
> tried flea shampoo for cats, as suggested by the vet...but it does not
> work...I bought some Hartz One Spot,for cats and kittens,to try
> on them, but
> the girl at the vet says Hartz is toxic. So I did not use it. I looked for
> Advantage for kittens but could not find any.Can someone please help me
> solve this delimma.Thank you,Rose, Figit and Sassy