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From: kat parsons
Date: 2001-05-07 00:05:00 UTC
Subject: RE: ferret suddenly being picked

Alicia...and/or anyone...:)
>>I really think the critters have far better sense than we do. After all
it is stated that the ferrets have a keen sense of smell and hearing. I
speculating her because they cannot engage in conversation with me but the

hormonal levels I can attest changes the scent of the animal -- this may
in fact, be what you are seeing inn this case.
Though I am not a vet-- only an experienced shelter Mom-- I see this
progression from time to time and it certainly mimics the mating behaviors

of intact ferrets.<<

so the other fixed females may feel 'threatened' by her if this is adrenal
and her smell has changed?
i know nothing about mating...well..let me revise that ..i AM 49 ..i KNOW
about HUMAN mating..i do not know anything about ferret mating!! this
typical behavoir for females if there is another female around?

that is what threw me off...that the other girls were bothering her too...

you know..the longer i have ferrets..the less i know...:(

thanks for responding...

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