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Date: 2001-02-27 12:55:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] limp ferret

Hi Alexis... I know its scary and as I told you it has happened to
me and my
husband a couple of times... well today ironic as it is that this
happened to
you and we were talking about it... My poor daughter she is 5....
she comes
home from school and the guys are always locked at that time so they
get out when she comes in the door.... she always goes over to the
cage and
greets them everyday like clock work then she will give them a treat
, and
then get herself something to eat and so on.. well today she went to
the cage
then got the treats and she is allowed to give them all just one...
Snapple who is almost always first was being trampled on was
spralled out
like he had no care in the world... Cianna was trying to tickle him
the cage wires and with that she screams out to me to come here
and Snapple was laying there lifeless.. she was terrified... I look
at him
and saw he was breathing... so I said Cianna thats a new trick I
have been
teaching them its called playing dead... she said thats a dogs trick

mommy....I said well look didn't Snapple just fool you.....she
laughed and
said mommy teach them something else I don't like that trick and off
she went
to play in her room... Poor kid she was mortified.... Just something
a little
cute....... Jo- Mannix and the 11 Fuzzbuckets