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From: Kristine
Date: 2001-05-07 20:31:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Need help with Snowflake

Thank you Dr. Purcell...I sent the lab results in a separate post,
but it was when Yahoo was acting up. If it's not on sometime
tommorrow, I'll resend it.

> This is certainly plenty of food intake to maintain/gain weight
> a healthy ferret.
Yes, her cage mate is getting just a little of that...licking the bowl
clean. And SHE is getting very fat off it.

> That could certainly indicate an infection. Any chance of
> a urinalysis?

We can....let me know what you think of the lab results and if you
still think so we can. We have done an x-ray. She looks good
there. Heart, lungs, spleen...all look normal.

> Soft food = soft stools, no mystery here.

Yeah, I figured as much, but didn't want anyone thinking
coccidia...ece..or any other intestinal bug.

> Hope my comments give some direction, please keep us
I appreciate them greatly. I hope you read the lab results and
maybe put it all together. this girl make be skin and bones, but
her eyes are bright and alert...and just beg to be alive. I really
don't want to give this fight up.