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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-07 20:58:00 UTC
Subject: A/D v K/D

Spoke to my vet yesterday about whether to use A/D
or K/D (canned) in Champ's soup. He spoke to
Hill's. They were reluctant to talk too much
about ferrets as their foods haven't been tested
on ferrets (what a surprise!). He talked to a
colleague (can't remember where) and they agreed
that I should use canned K/D in his soup, in
addition to the dry K/D I am already using. I
think Doc got a little education yesterday also.
Champ will be visiting on Friday for bloodwork. I
hope we can eliminate some of the medications he's
on, poor baby.

Dr. Murray wrote:
<More info on Eukanuba's Multistage renal (kidney)

feline can food. The actual protein level is 7.9%,

the fat level is 6.51% and the moisture is 74.9%
(as is).
The dry matter protein level is 32% and the fat
is 26%. This is the minimum recommended protein
ferrets and a higher fat level than most ferret
and kitten
foods. <

But, isn't this the minimum recommended level of
protein for healthy ferrets? How is this aiding a
low protein diet? Seems awful high to me. In my
very uneducated opinion, I still think that K/D is
better for a low protein diet???? Now I'm tired