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Date: 2001-05-07 23:11:00 UTC
Subject: Green crusties around mouth

My ferret Gin (of the terrorizing pair Gin and Tonic) has had green
crusties on either side of his mouth, right at the corners, for the
past few days. They are the size of a pea! I first noticed them
Sunday, and I pulled them off. They were back when I got home from
work Monday night.

He's playing, pooping, eating, drinking fine. He is 3.5 lbs and
otherwise healthy, though he likes to eat ballet tights (he hasn't
for over a month, after a trip to the emergency room). He coughs
every once in a while, more when we go outside (could it be the
pollen?). I can't imagine what this could be. As far as I can tell,
he's not drooling or vomiting - no evidence of that anywhere. He's
just his happy normal self - apart from these globs of green.

Any insight would be appreciated. I am posting here first because I
don't get paid until Thursday and I couldn't take him to the vet
until then, so I was thinking maybe someone had an idea here.