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From: Jean Chiasson
Date: 2001-05-07 10:24:00 UTC
Subject: insulinoma; pediapred dosage; me again

Hi everyone,

Me again... I just wanted to say my vet (sorry to the moderator that I didn't know I couldn't post his name) is terrific, wonderful and awesome (and I have told him so sometimes much to his embarrassment after he has operated on one of my fuzzies)! But he is out of the office until Thursday, and I cannot ask him until then. I guess I am an impatient ferret mommy, and I am a little worried about how slowly Scoots's zipper belly is healing, and that is why I asked my question here. I will still talk to my doctor on Thursday for his input, and my asking the question here is in no way stepping on his toes or going over his head....

Just felt I should clarify that! Thanks for listening!


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