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From: Michele Abel Focer
Date: 2001-05-07 09:56:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Devil's Club Supreme AGAIN!

Hello all! I know this is a touchy subject with allot of
conservancy, but I wanted to share my experience with Devil's
Club Supreme.This is just MY experience, I am not saying it
works in all ferrets. OK here goes. My Snooper had insulinoma
surgery in Jan 2000. By May 2000, he was back on Pred, as his
B/G was back down in the 70's.Every month or 2 it would drop
lower. We increased the Pred, then added Proglycem. By Feb
this year it was 47. That's when I added Devil's Club Supreme
2 times a day. By week 6 his B/G was 62, this week it was
102!! Before the Devil's Club Supreme, his blood sugar would
get low and he would "gag", since adding Devil's Club Supreme,
this has completely stopped! Again, this is MY experience with
it. I had a hard time deciding to continue with it, since Dr.
Williams said it was not recommended, and I respect his
opinion more than any other!!!!! Does anyone else have good
results with it? I know it will vary from one ferret to
another, sorry to bring up this subject again, but maybe
someone could study the effects in more depth. I don't want to
step on any toes here! I respect everyone's opinions, I just
don't want anyone to miss out on something that MIGHT help our
ferret buddies!! Thanks for listening! Michele & The Fur Gang