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From: Anne-Marte B. Vaagan
Date: 2001-05-08 01:17:00 UTC
Subject: Sick Ferret


I have been lurking on this newsgroup for a while, so I
thought it would be time for me to introduce myself (and I
need help).

I am 24 years, and live in Norway. Here I am owned by two
ferrets. Pia (albino female, 2 years) and Dennis (rescue,
sable, about 2 years ).

Now for my problem:

Pia had a bad spay last year, and we had to do it a second
time. Now she has an urinery infection. It is one of those
really resistent, hard to get rid of ones (E-coli). We can't
seem to shake it, and we are wondering if it might be
something else as well. We have done x-rays today, and
bloodtests. The x-ray was not done with contrast, so it is a
bit hard to tell. The vet thought she saw some shadows by the
left kidney. The right was hard to tell because of the
position and the intestins around and over it.

We have been wondering if it is adrenal or something else. My
question is where could she get the ecoli from? Since it is
this resistent we are starting to lean towards her getting it
from the first spay (at another vet). Is this likely? Where
could she have gotten it, if not from the vet?

What could this be? And where do we go from here? (If it is
likely she got it from one of the vets, we will make them pay
some of the vet bills!!!)

I don't want my baby to be sick anymore, but I do not know
what else to do. Maybe and exploratory operation??

SHe has a swollen vulva, but it goes up and down, and is not
fully swollen. She also has secret coming out, and seems she
can't help herself and urin keeps coming out (not much, but
enough to keep her vet around the vulva)

I hope I can get some help from you guys, sorry for being long