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From: Kristine lunny
Date: 2001-05-07 11:05:00 UTC
Subject: Lab Results on Snowflake is all the blood work, todays, and what we got initially.

This is from April 18th:

LB = 2.3 g/dl
LKP = 23 U/L
LT = 32 U/L
MYL = 38 U/L
UN = 21.3 mg/dl
a = 8.55 mg/dl
HOL = 172.0 mg/dl
REA = .34 mg/dl
LU = 106.9 mg/dl
HOS = 5.77 mg/dl
BIL = .68 mg/dl
P = 5.33 g/dl
LOB = 3.04 g/dl

Ok, here is the lab work from April we are not to sure how accurate it
is since it conked out half way through.

HCT = 45.9 %
HGB =16.8 g/dl
MCHC =36.6 g/dl

And that is it there.
What we saw in the microscope then was no lymphcytes
slightly high wbc

Ok, Today's results May 7 Which the machine didn't like really either.
And oddly we've done other blood work with no problem since.

HCT = 39.4 %
HGB =12.3 g/dl
MCHC =31.2 g/dl
WBC #16.3 x10(9)/L
GRANS #14.5 x10(9)L
%GRANS # 89%
NEUT ~8.4 x10(9)L
EOS ~ 6.1 x10(9)L
L/M =1.8 x10(9)L
%L/M # 11 %
PLT = 1084 x10(9)/L
Rectics ~1.2 %

We looked again under the microscope. The RBC look really O shaped.
Like lots of little donuts...anemic big time right?

We did an x-ray inbetween of the heart just in case. All looked normal
there. We could also see the liver, spleen, stomach and all pretty well
and all looked normal. Other than the fact she has like no fat

She now weights 14.5 oz

We have her on 1/4 ml of pet tinic daily. Is that enough?

Still doing pred .25 ml twice daily.

No more clavamox.

I sure hope some of this makes sense to someone. We don't really know
what to think. Dr. ***** thought maybe a bone marrow cancer?

Thank you,

Kristine Lunny

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