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From: - Z -
Date: 2001-05-08 03:42:00 UTC
Subject: fat pads vs. lymph nodes?

me again, with another question, probably for the vets: is there any
way to tell the difference by touch between fat pads and swollen
lymph nodes, in this case in the armpit area? Or is analysis of a
sample the only way to know for sure? I've read that fat pads can be
hard to differentiate from swollen lymph nodes, but would fat pads
occur naturally in the armpit area?

Because yes, this morning while giving Amelia her post-pred petting
and pampering, I found lumps under her armpits, about the size of a
small chick pea or garbonzo. I'm pretty sure they weren't there
yesterday. I've been down the lymphosarcoma path before, so it has
me quite worried. As I mentioned in my pred belly post*, we are
seeing the vet on Wednesday, but that doesn't keep me from freaking
out now :( Amelia, if any of this would be relevant, is 6.5 y.o.,
has been on .5 mg 2xday pediapred since November for insulinoma
(average fasting bg for her is usually around 65-70), and had very
successful adrenal surgery in December 1999. Apart from the
insulinoma, is generally healthy, good appetite, reasonable activity
levels for her age. Mild hind limb weakness that nearly vanished
after we started pediapred, but has been showing up again in the last
10 days or so. Enlarged spleen, and her belly is looking somewhat
distended to me, though she's always been a robustly plump weasel.

*the consensus on pred bellies is that there is no consensus as to
whether it's an actual phenomenon or not