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Date: 2001-05-08 06:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Digest Number 166/Michael and by-product meal

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>Chicken meal starts with deponed chicken which contains about 40%
connective tissue and it only comes from chickens. Because of the
connective tissue it is of less quality than quality by product
meal. It does not contain feathers or blood either.
> Chicken by product meal starts with the intestinal tracts of
chicken and contains some muscle meat but not the deponed chicken
meat. It does not contain feathers or blood. Depending on the
supplier and the quality a manufactures wants to buy, this meal does
not contain dead birds (DOA)....
> DR Tom Willard

I didn't really understand everything stated above.

The 40% of connective tissue found in chicken meal includes
cartilage, ligaments, tendons which is not protein correct? It also
contains deboned (?) muscle meat. Is deboned muscle meat, the meat
that was removed from the chicken carcass or the meat that remains on
the chicken after the majority is removed?

The by product meal contains intestinal tract (muscle) and muscle
meat but not the deboned muscle meat. So what kind of muscle meat.